Monday, December 5, 2016

Weekend and a weird dream

I've become a big fan of the only schedule one thing for the weekend model we are currently running under.  We need our weekend downtime to recharge and recuperate as much as we can from the busy week and Moose & Squirrel.  We can handle more than one thing, but it takes a lot more energy, focus and effort.

This weekend was about the Family Picture for the holiday cards we'll send out soon.  We actually had the appointment for last month but rescheduled because of various reasons.  We probably should have sucked it up and did it that weekend but then something else would have filled this one so it doesn't really matter.  Natasha was wonderful and posed beautifully.  Boris was not as co-operative. 

I've been fighting whatever Virus-Of-the-Week they brought home from daycare so when they went down for nap, so did I.  Which means we didn't put our outside Christmas lights on until nearly dusk.  I did manage to rake the leaves on Saturday and Bag them Sunday just before the snow arrived.  Of course the snow caused most of the remaining leaves to fall from the trees but that's actually a good thing because once the snow melts, I should only have to rake one more time.

I did have a Hall Pass to go to a friend's party.  However, because I was sick, I felt it would be right to bring my virus to a roomful of mostly single people.  Why ruin their fun?  That's what New Year's Eve is for.

Weird dream:  Sometime between 4 and 6 this morning, during the last block of sleep time I managed, I dreamt I was at a wedding reception, talking with my runner friends.  For some reason Sarah Spain was there and at one point I said to her about my running achievements: "I was never great, but I was good."  There was something else which I cannot remember.  I think this got her attention and made her more sympathetic to my never BQing. 

Not sure why virtual friend and Sports Expert is in my dream about weddings and running but perhaps it's my body's way of saying let's not give up just yet.  Speaking of....

The following is not a criticism or indictment, it just is:  When I WFH, I like to go for a run before my work day begins.  I didn't get to do that on Friday because we got off to such a late start and I had a plethora of meetings, plus I was feeling like crap anyway and dealing with a dead car battery.

I'm trying to get 20 more miles in for the year and would really like to just get it over with.  With 25 days left in the year, the only me would have just done 4 5-mile runs.  The latest me might be able to get 5 4-mile runs in, but if I have to do 3 milers, then I need to find 7 days between now and the end of the month.

Bears Bonus:  The Chicago Bears are averaging one win per month, or starting QB.  They also finally kept an opponent out of the end zone for the first time since 2012.  The hapless 49ers did themselves no favors by excessive celebrating in the end zone on a TD that wasn't.  We don't like other teams taunting us in the end zone around here.

Wednesday, November 30, 2016

Good day, rough night

So yesterday evening was a cluster-F.  First, the person who was supposed to come get a chair that we are giving away asked if she could either come at 830 or today.  We decided today would work better because I had an errand to run anyway.

Errand:  Nightingale and I went to the jewelry where we got our wedding rings in hopes that we could get some jewels added to hers.  They told us it wasn't easy (read: possible) to do so and they wouldn't advise it.  But they did talk us into getting them cleaned.  I went to pick them up based on their Yelp hours but unfortunately they have new (or perhaps Winter) hours that meant they were closed before I even got out the door.

Before that though:  my car battery had died over the weekend and I used Nightingale car to jump it.  It died again yesterday morning.  I tried to jump it again but no luck.  so I need to get a new car battery.  The Pep Boys is just around the corner but I do not want to pay for a tow, so I think I will have to buy the battery and try my luck installing it.

So to make the evening not a complete failure, I stopped off at the nearest Liquor Store and got some supplies.

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Tuesday, November 29, 2016

Quick post-Thanksgiving Day recap

We hosted Thanksgiving again this year. We are falling into a pattern where we host Thanksgiving and the Adamas host Christmas.   In order to avoid spending a lot of unnecessary hours in the kitchen we order either the entire meal (last year) or the side dishes from Whole Foods and just heat everything up.

There definitely was a sense of egg shell walking this year related to the election of course. Everyone behaved but you could cut the tension with a knife.

I had a few opportunities to go for a run but did not partake of any of them.  I blame it on the fact that moose and squirrel spend a portion of the night with us and this causes me to sleep in pretzel like positions when Boris decides to sleep perpendicular to the bed.  But if we are being honest, I just haven't been all that motivated to run these days.

I also haven't been motivated to write either here or at ChicagoNow either.  I don't know why but I do know enough not to force it.  I have a few draft posts that I am slowly working on but otherwise, the Motivation Muse and her Creativity Cousin have left the building.

Wednesday, November 23, 2016

20 miles to go

According to DailyMile I have logged 280 miles this year.  Not nearly the 450-500 i wanted.  With 38 days left in 2016, I'd have to run 5 miles each day to approach that number.  I may try to bring that 280 up to an even 300 but I am also trying to rest my knees and joints.  Face it, I'm old and I have arthritic knees and if I want to be able to run with Moose and Squirrel, I need to save all my runs.

Nov 15

Nov 23
I will move on to more swimming as it is easier for me to get swim in versus a run during my lunchtime workout.  My weight has definitely crept up although it's not at it's historical high.  I think I once was at 220 back in 2003 or 2004.  I doubt I'll ever get back to my fighting weight of 190 but if I can stay under 210 through the holidays perhaps I can then get closer to 200 by the time Spring arrives.  My theory is that humans are designed to store, not lose fat over the winter.

Monday, November 21, 2016

Getting ready for winter

We are supposed to have a very snowy winter and that means the kiddos will be stuck in the house a lot, even with a few jaunts out to MSI or other places if the weather permits.  I am rather pleased with how ready for winter we are with respect to putting away our lawn furniture and other garden items. 

We moved into this house in Dec 2012, so we didn't have to do much in terms of putting anything away.  In 2013, I misjudged how quickly things go from decent fall weather to Too-Fing-Cold to do anything outside.  In 2014, Moose and Squirrel showed up and I didn't have time because it was hard to find anyone to hold the babies while I could get to the stuff.  Same with 2015 it seemed.

This year I worked on it gradually over October and November when the temps were still comfortable.  In order to get things done, I need to have daylight, energy, appropriate weather and someone else dealing with my kids.

On Saturday during naptime, Nightingale and I made some purging and organizing decisions.  We decided to get rid of some paintings that have been sitting in the attic for 4 years.  We also are putting her three dresser set (family heirloom*) in the attic, making more space in the basement.  The dressers are better used in the attic because we have all sorts of kids clothes of various sizes in plastic crates which aren't as easy to find. 

* by heirloom, we just mean they have been in her family a long time, they are hardly valuable antiques.

Yesterday after we got up, we got out of the house relatively early.  We took the bus (Boris loves the bus and Natasha enjoys it too) to Alps for breakfast. Nightingale was worried it might be too crowded but we were there so early there were plenty of available booths.  Which is good because we don't want to annoy anyone with our noisy kiddos unless we absolutely have to.

It was too cold to play in the playground at the nearby park so instead we rode the bus back to the HIP and went to Target.  We were trying to get a spare Pink Teddy bear that Natasha has taking a liking too and we found a close approximation (same one, just this year's model) but didn't get it because it wasn't the same one.

We took a different bus home which let us get on a 4th bus.  We managed to get home in time for lunch and naps. 

Wednesday, November 9, 2016

Mid Morning Thoughts on the Day After

This is what I wrote yesterday on my personal Facebook Page:

This election has been like a ride at the amusement park but not in any of the fun ways. First the election season was like the long wait in line for that ride, with the first candidate announcing their bid to the primaries being just getting close enough to see the ride.

The Conventions would have been you getting into the housing structure of the ride, with no realistic chance to turn back.

Finally Election Day came and you are about to get on that short whirlwind ride that lasts 24 hours but you will remember for years to come. But you cannot enjoy the ride because instead of Delightful Fright, your have a stomach ache from the Hot Dog Campaign ads and the Cotton Candy flow of election news.
The only thing left to do is finish the ride, throw up and hope you feel better tomorrow.

Some sites I follow that have thoughts about the post election. 

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Tuesday, November 8, 2016

WFH Days return, sort of and The Bears aren't quite dead yet

I don't have an official WFH Day at the new gig like I did at TopFive, but I have been doing more WFH on Fridays.  As my boss pointed out, since I'm remote anyway, it really doesn't matter whether I'm at my home, the office downtown or even a Starbucks as long as I'm reachable and available. 

I do try to get too much extracurricular activity done on my WFH days.  It's because it's really the only time I have the trifecta of daylight, energy and kid-free environment.

So this weekend I focused on a few small things.  I did some prep work for potentially getting our foundation masonry painted.  And I put away some but not all of the deck furniture and garden items that need to come in for the winter.  It was strange having a 70+ degree day on Sunday, it felt like a summer day. 

I also had someone come over and mount the basement TV to the wall and fish a few network cables through the wall so they are not as unsightly.  I like this crew and would hire them again, perhaps if I ever decide to run network cable throughout the house or build that LAN closet I dream about. 

NFL Update: I knew someone would notice what I mentioned last week about there not being too many blowout teams and the Bears having a pulse.   I started writing my thinky-thoughts about it here, but then turned it into a ChicagoNow post because we need a break from all the Election Related posts. 

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