Thursday, January 28, 2021

My New ASUS BE24E Business Monitor

 I bought a new monitor.  I just wanted a second monitor, but my MIL bought me and Nightingale each a new monitor for Christmas.  Since we share an office and a desk, it didn't make sense to have three monitors especially since my old monitor had to be turned on using a fickle remote control.

Unfortunately, I sold my old monitor before I realized that the new ones didn't have speakers.  Although they looked like they did and had the appropriate inputs.  I suspect that is because it is easier to use one Form Factor for your monitor design and simply enable/disable at the control board or driver level than to manufacture two completely different monitor housings.  

As usual, I crowdsourced on Facebook and got some advice.  

Okay Facebook hive, crowdsourcing time.   I need a new monitor for my computer.  I don’t need state-of-the-art, but I do want as much future proof as possible.  I’m thinking built in speakers and webcam.  Is wanting touch screen too much?

Anyone recently buy a monitor they are happy with, or have some thoughts on this?

My usual experience when I Crowd Source Question is that many of my friends can ask their FB collective for advice and get legit, sound recommendations.  Whenever I do it, I get people working on their Second City Comedy routine, snark, and maybe one useful comment in the bunch.  This time around, I got mostly post focused responses.

The summary is that many pointed out that touch screens are nonessential and you can get better speaker and webcam addons than built-in.  

Most of the advice came from people my age who are established and have enough disposable income to buy a kickass multipurpose monitor.  I could do that too, even though I'm unemployed at the moment.  

Ultimately I decided to buck my usual future proof algorithm and went with the monitor I need today instead of the monitor I might need tomorrow.  I did forgo the touch screen but did get a monitor with a built-in webcam and speakers.  To be fair, it's hard to find all of these in one monitor with the appropriate inputs for an older computer desktop.  

The ASUS BE24E suits my needs for the moment.  I wish the camera was adjustable but the monitor itself is so perhaps that is all I will need.  Perhaps by the time I'm employed again and/or we are in a new house, technology will make a leap and I can have a wall-sized monitor that works as a work screen, TV, and communications source.  


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