Friday, February 9, 2018

Snow Days are great except when they are not

It started snowing last night just as we got home from work and continued through the night and the better part of the day.  As far as snow storms, the one that just occurred in Chicagoland isn't even in the top 10.  However, it did suck just the same because....

A lot of businesses closed included our daycare so we had to keep our kids home.  This would have been okay since Friday is my normal WFH day and NG got to WFH as well because of the conditions.  However, she still has to take pages and give consultations over the phone while also writing notes.

On top of that, at work we are having what's known as a Major Outtage.  This involves everyone getting on a phone bridge and not being able to leave their computer until things are settled.

On top of that, I missed the text from my Director asking for my help at 10:30 pm last night because I was already asleep because we are so sleep deprived around here that we rarely stay up past 9 pm.  I didn't have my phone upstairs because I don't want some random call to wake us once we do get to sleep.

On top of that, my kids are being fucking douchebags typical 3 year olds and not wanting to behave and just watch TV.  They see their parents home with them and want attention.

So yeah, this day has sucked.