Monday, February 26, 2018

Just another weekend

The intervals in posting both here and at ChicagoNow are the longest gaps I've had in a long time. A confluence of events have created a Perfect Storm of obligations that left me with no time or energy.  

This weekend I found a nice buy at the Salvation Army which motivated me to start working on the laundry room.  I finally laid down a portion of the Proslat tile I bought three years ago (almost to the day).  

It appears that Proslat tile has gone the way of the dodo so shame on me for not just buying more at the time, especially of the color i wanted.  Lesson learned.

I was also able to do a little O-P  Organizing and Purging.  I managed to get rid of lots of useless things I've been keeping in the garage and my work area looks a lot nicer.  I hope to continue and get my tools better divided between the garage and the laundry room.  

May not reflect final location
Winter seems to be retreating, with the usual skirmishes as Winter does.  While there have been a plethera of warm days these last two months, generally this time of year the day starts out cold and by the time it warms up enough, I'm too beat by work to go for a lunch run.  Soon I will be able to drop the kids off at daycare and then do my run before work.   Assuming the kiddos cooperate.

We actually got the kids dressed and downstairs by 655.  We left the house at 710.  By the time we left Daycare it was 725.  We get in our train at 745.  we get to Washington Station at 8:10 and ten minutes later I'm at my desk.  And this is a good day.

on the plus side, my scale says I'm 208.8 lbs today!  I want that to drop closer to 200 but it's a bit better than the nearly 220 I was clocking near the end of last year.  I have one month before the Shamrock Shuffle and I need to get more consistent running in just so that I can run it non-stop let alone defend my preferred start that I keep getting thanks to legacy status, which may not last forever. 

This time of year when I need to address home improvement projects.  We have many.  We can only take on a few.  So I have to choose the ones that add value to the house, or more realistically maintain it.  Secondly, things that improve the comfort level while we are there.  This year's big spend will be some type of cooling system, either split ductless or space pack, because I'm tired of window units and NG is tired of them too.   Included in that we hope will be some resolution for our cold basement.  

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