Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Post Staycation and Sports Team Bliss

Bears beat Eagles and look like a playoff calibre team: We have had some lucky breaks go our way this season.

  • We won our first game against the Lions because of a dumb rule.
  • In Week 5, we faced Carolina rookie quarterback Jimmy Clausen when Cutler missed his first start as a Bear with a concussion.
  • We had a bye week when we needed it most and got to play the Buffalo Bills.
  •  Our short week Thursday night game was against Miami who was down to the waterboy as backup QB.
  • And then we got 10 days to plan for our game against the Eagles.

We also get the patriots coming off a monday night game so they will have 1 less day to practice.  I just hope we don't get caught up in a trap game against the Lions on Sunday and I hope we don't miss the playoffs because of the seeding rules of the NFL. We could be 10-6 or 11-5 and lose the wildcard while an 8 and 8 team from another division goes to the playoffs.


Home for the Holidays:  I always try to take the three days before Thanksgiving off if I can so that I have time to get things in order.  Usually it's cleaning up my place but in recent years I use the time to work on my mom's house. 

This year I was extremely productive.  I used each day efficiently and effectively by creating a manageable goal for each day.  Usually I defeat myself by having too many things on my I-want-to-accomplish list but this time, I kept it simple. Each day I had one thing I wanted to do.  If I finished early, I would go to my auxilary list and work on something else, but if I didn't, no worries.

I also factored in the weather to help me. It rained last Monday, so I used that day to clean and organize the den. It's amazing how much bigger a room can seem if you just move a piece of furniture from one side to the other.  We had two matching dressers "facing"each other, with one being right in the path when you walked in the door.  I moved it next to it's twin and suddenly the room seems twice as big.

Before Scrapping

Before Scrapping
On Tuesday I went to my mom's do to the pre-painting setup.  I usually set myself up to fail on these projects because I don't allow enough time for the prep work.  So Tuesday was all about that.  I scraped off all the loose paint. Unfortunately, it was too cold to caulk, not to mention getting dark when it was time to do so, so I had to factor that into my weekend.

Finally, we secured a church and set the wedding date.  We also introduced the in-laws - no shots fired.

After Scrapping

After Scrapping

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