Thursday, September 6, 2012

Labor Day Weekend delayed post

When you have an impromptu low key cookout, you either get too many guests or not enough guests (to eat all the food) there is no happy medium.

One Saturday at marathon training, Ging asked if she should just invite herself over sometime for a cookout and I suggested the Sunday of Labor Day weekend. We invited SHB and a few other random friends over as well. Okay so it wasn’t completely impromptu, it was more mentioned and then not really planned until last minute.

I use to love to have parties at my place but somehow my condo feels smaller than it did once upon a time. And since we would be hanging out on the deck, we had to keep the invite list manageable, especially since many of my friends from different groups don’t cross pollinate well anyway.

The plan was to enjoy our deck for the afternoon and then head to the Taste of Polonia in the evening. It didn’t go that way at all. First, Ging canceled 11th hour. SHB and her husband aren’t really fest people and they certainly aren’t the type to go to a polish fest. And just as they were getting ready to leave, a couple of NG friends arrived, so at least we had a good rotation.

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