Sunday, January 20, 2013

Since it's so cold, enjoy this picture from last summer

In the last two weeks I've run about 21 miles.  That's respectable for sure.  There was a time when I would have done that in a single week, let alone for the entire month. Those are also mostly treadmill dreadmill miles as it has been too cold to run outside especially for short distances. 

Austin enjoying our deck last summer
At work I'm having issues with a project manager that doesn't want to manage our project.  I've seen this movie before and it doesn't end well. He says he will do something and then he doesn't do it.  I called him out on it at our last meeting and he tried to turn it around by saying he expected more initiative out of me.  Yeah I guess I should have shown initiative by doing the tasks he assigned to himself. 

The problem is he is overcommitted to other projects.  This project is only allocated for 25% of his time yet it requires at least 50% of it.  The reality is that I don't give a shit because he is very unsympathetic to my work needs and expectations.  And I cannot complete my tasks if you do not tell me what they are.  Expect this battle to continue.

In other news we had a long meeting with our financial adviser.  He's a long winded fellow who refuses to leverage technology to make my life easier.  We spent 90 minutes listening to a speil and providing print out of paystubs and mortgage statements.  I thought about sending them to him electronically but I knew that he would 1) print them out anyway and 2) not look at them before the meeting so it would have been a waste of effort.

So essentially we are taking valuable money that could go into our Roth or towards a trip to Hawaii for our friends wedding and using it to pay him to look over our income, expenses and debts and determine how much we need to put away in order to retire at X age and earn an income of Y wages after retirement.

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