Tuesday, August 20, 2013

My extra super shortcut thwarted

I'm probably not the only one who does this:  Sometimes when driving home instead of dealing with the parking lot that is the tollway, I get off at Balmoral and take River Road to Irving Park Rd.  On average it saves me 15 minutes though usually more since the Kennedy can sometimes be backed up.

I like to cut through the parking lot of the Rosemont Theatre to avoid the idiots who cannot figure out how to make a right turn from Balmoral to River Road.  Apparently the legal turn on red or the green right turn arrow confuse them and they must grind to a halt and consult the great traffic gods for permission to proceed.  It really drives me crazy to miss a light because the moron in front of me is afraid to drive the speed limit.  It also drives me crazy to not be able to enter the turn lane and miss my turn arrow because the dickless guido in the sports car won't move his penis-compensator up half a car length closer to the next vehicle, thus blocking the lane.

Apparently this venue caught on to my shortcut because the gates have been locked the last several times I've gone this way. 

Incidentally, can anyone tell me why the center lane of the toll booth is always closed?  Furthermore, considering that the cars coming from 90 and I-290 are trying to get over to the pay lanes and cars coming from I-294 are trying to get to the I-Pass lane, wouldn't it make sense to have I-Pass lanes on just one side of the toll booth?

I want all lanes open dammit

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