Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Dream Houses and Sandra Bland

Emailing like its 1998! I'm hardly ever in front of a keyboard at home and the iPad doesn't lend well to writing long emails.  It's almost like the mid-90s when you had to go into work to check/write emails!

Which doesn't lend well to keeping up with blogging.  I posted a quick copy and paste about Sandra Bland and I wanted to follow up on it a little bit more.

Whenever you get what I call the News Issue of the Week -- be it Confederate Flags, School/movie shootings, Travon Martins, etc -- you usually get two polarized camps that sum up either side.  It's more nuanced than that but for the purposes of where I'm going with this let's say that it usually gets split evenly 50-50 between sides.

This feels different.  It feels more like 70-30 or even 90-10.  From what I'm reading, most people agree that a traffic stop should not have escalated this way or lead to being put in a jail cell and of course ended tragically.

You have some dickheads who chime in that you should never under any circumstances commit Contempt of Cop and if you do, you deserve whatever you get.  But luckily, more and more people seem to be saying: whoa! wait a minute, just because that is how it is, maybe that shouldn't be the way it is.

Maybe we are finally getting tired of being afraid of the people we pay to serve and protect.  That you must always defer meekly to the police.

We like our house but.... Nightingale asked me yesterday what I envisioned life would be like in this house after we bought it.  I thought about it for a while and then said: "I thought if we had children, your family would visit more often."

I'm not saying that I'm not happy with our Forever Dream House 1.0 but I wouldn't mind if I could get a house with a better layout and a different distribution of space.  I guess what I'm saying is that when we looked for this house, we were going off my Dream House Requirements list that were developed when I was a single person, not thinking about what is needed for a family.

I'd still prefer an old house with character and charm but one with all the necessary modern updates.  Electrical, Central Air and probably zoned heating.

I'd like a separate office.  Yes I did have one until the kids arrived and there is a benefit to having a separate room with a door you can close. 

Our attic is too hot and too short for a grownup to use.


  1. I realized after we bought our house that our house is laid out with a luxurious amount of space for a married couple and one child. If you have two children (and later add a third) it becomes difficult just because: 1) I don't have enough bedrooms; and 2) the open layout makes it difficult to cordon off "baby space" from "everyone space."

    It feels weird to complain about having a spacious house, but life would be a lot easier with a room-based layout rather than an open layout.

  2. All the HGTV/DIY shows have people converting to open layout concepts. I've always wondered if once they convert the last house to open concept, will the trend then become room-based again?


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