Sunday, March 13, 2016

Sometimes it pays to buy the extended warranty

Conventional wisdom says not to buy extended warranties because they are usually a waste of money.  Usually if something is going to go wrong, it will happen while it is still under the manufacturer warranty or by the time it does, you might want an upgrade anyway. 

There are exceptions of course.  I bought a 2 year extended warranty on my grill which expires on the 17th.  I read some online reviews that said that certain parts tend to rust out or need replacing and the cost of the parts is more than the $40 I spent on the warranty so win.


  1. Good call - I remember when I bought my first car I also bought the extended warranty. Paid $1k for the warranty and then the policy paid for $2k of transmission work two months later.

    1. that is a lucky break. I've replaced the catalytic converter in my car twice!


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