Thursday, May 24, 2018

Project Paint the Porch: Stage 1 begins

I wanted Atlantic
I have done the first coat on the porch though not as far as I had hoped.  The edger I got, from Aldi of
all places, held up pretty well until I was almost done and then it came apart with two small sides left.  It isn't an easy thing to fix with paint on it so I did the best I could but decided not to do the steps and just focus on the whatever the formal name of the porch platform is.

I didn't start as early as I could have for a couple of reasons.  First, I went for a run before work because my kids miraculously woke up early and we were able to get them off to school.  My New Normal is to log into the office around 7 am or earlier and just check emails though I officially start at 8 CST.  I got back right at 8 and decided to cool off and then mow the postage stamp sized amount of grass in the backyard.

I didn't start on this yesterday because the humidity was right at 79-80 and I didn't want to take a chance, especially since I had just power-washed the porch on Tuesday.  Today was much hotter but the humidity only about 40 right now.

I also couldn't start on the painting too early because part of the prep involves using a leaf blower to clear any dust and debris.  While it only would have been for 5 minutes at the most, I don't want to be the neighbor that makes that kind of noise before 8 AM.

I need to do a second coat, which I should be able to do this evening before nightfall.  When we get back from Michigan, I'll have all summer to finish though I do not plan to take that long.  The weather looks decent next week so I should be able to get the spindles knocked out then.  After that, it's the railings and risers.

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