Saturday, August 11, 2018

Saturday Photo: Mr Steer Steakhouse

cheap steaks and cocktails

Back in the day, there was a chain of steak restaurants called Mr. Steer.  Think Sizzler but local chian instead of a national franchise.   It wasn't the best steak around but for the relatively cheap price, it was serviceable.  In the downtown area, you can still find vestiges like Ronnie's Steak House.

This was the one at the legendary Six Corners intersection of Irving Park, Cicero and Milwaukee Avenue on Chicago's northwest side. I think my mom took me there a couple of times for birthdays or when we were doing some shopping at the once vibrant Six Corners.

This is what it looks like today (2018)

 Apparently, once they removed that reddish flat awning, it exposed some windows as I cannot imagine those were retrofitted.  Notice the sign shaft was left behind.

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