Wednesday, September 25, 2019

September MPD update

As of today, Wednesday, September 25th, I have run 258 of the required 268 miles for 2019.  Once again I took a few too many days off from running which caused me to try to catch up just to September's requirements and not give me much hope of chopping into the 10 mile overall deficit from previous months.

Tomorrow I'm off from work because we have to take Moose and Squirrel to their annual checkup (they turned 5 last weekend!).  I don't suspect I'll get any running in, which is a good thing because I need a rest day.  On Friday I should be able to knock out at least 3-4 miles.  If  I don't run over the weekend, again I'm rested for Monday which can be another 3-4 miles.  That means I would have chipped 1-3 miles off that 10 mile deficit!

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