Tuesday, January 28, 2020

Short Winter, no running goals and pushing our luck

January is essentially over.  February is a short month although this year it has an extra day.  And while there is no guarantee that March and April will be snow-free or even snow-lite, it does feel like this will turn out to be a mild winter.  Which is good for a guy who no longer owns a snowblower.

We might be pushing our luck a little bit.  Not only do I sneak out during my workday to pick up the kids from school, but I also need to sneak out a little early to get them to Tae Kwon Do twice a week.
 Unfortunately, Boris got kicked out of TKD so now we need to come up with something else for him to do to burn energy and not sit around all day watching screens. 

While I decided not to have a running goal for 2020, I still intended to run whenever the mood and opportunity suit me.  Today is the 28th of January and I've run 25 miles this month.  I'm hoping to get a run in tomorrow but even if I don't run another mile this month, I will only be 6 miles under the MPD objective of last year.

Update 01/30/2020:  I just got back from a 4 mile run with Mr Lumpy.  That brings my total up to 29.5 for January, so I was short by 1.5 miles without even trying.

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