Thursday, November 5, 2020

Helping out with the cooking

 I came across these recipes and decided to give them a try.   This is my second attempt   They are each meant to be a main dish but I felt they complemented one another so I made them for the same meal, but more interestingly, at the same time. 

 My first attempt I tried switching back and forth.   On the second attempt, I realized that it’s easier to focus on searing the chicken first, while the pasta water boils.  If you time it right (I was slightly off) you finish searing the chicken, start the sauce while the pasta boils, and start the penne base.   In theory, you finish the penne base just in time to add the pasta.  And you can add the chicken into its sauce and let it simmer. 

 The interesting thing about cooking, especially Italian dishes is that you can make substitutions.  Which is a nice way to say “damn I forgot to get x, will y work..” Usually, it does.  For instance, no one can ducking tell if you used a shallot instead of an onion. 

 Bon Appétit 


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