Friday, November 5, 2021

so we moved to the South

I’ll skip the whole I want to blog more and sorry I haven’t blogged in such a long time diatribe.  I’ve literally been so busy with other things and so much has been going on that I had paralysis when it came to writing.   

We didn't decorate as much as back home

In June we came down for a visit and Nightingale got the idea to buy her folks' house so they could downsize and we could enjoy a lower cost of living. 

Obviously, I wasn't crazy about the idea.  But I didn't have a new job, our house had some warts and our school system wasn't the best.  Also, Nightingale was hating her job more than ever, and not just her lousy commute.  She supported me when I chose the Portage Park neighborhood, which we grew to love.  It was time to give this a chance.

Of course, we did it in the highest difficulty setting possible.  We had to scramble because they start school earlier in the South, because of the weather.  We had to keep the move a secret because Nightingale couldn't quit her job before we closed on the house and once that happened she felt she had to give as much notice as possible so as not to burn bridges.

There's so much more that I'm leaving out and I hope to write more in bits and pieces so that I can look back on these in the future.  Meanwhile, I'm hitting the publish button so that I can write more mini-posts now that the scene has been set.


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  1. Good to see you writing again. You had many legit reasons to move away to where you are now. I'm glad it all worked out, given the circumstances. The front of your house is beautiful... nice decor! We don't decorate at all! Welcome to the South! Cheers, y'all!

  2. thanks. I'm hoping to do a better job next year and of course with Christmas decorations. I'm told some people put them up now because it gets colder in December but we traditionally wait until after Thanksgiving.


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