Sunday, December 12, 2021

Need a Do Over

 Been up less than 30 minutes and I already need a do-over.  First, I forgot to hit the “ready to brew” button on the Alexa-compatible coffee maker.  The RTB button is to make sure Alexa doesn’t turn on a pot with no water or coffee grounds.  I got one because on weekends we never know how long the kids will let us sleep (spoiler alert it isn’t long) so no point in scheduling coffee.  But this morning I had to walk into the kitchen and turn it on manually, like a caveman.

 Then I’m trying to quietly open a can of cat food and end up flinging it across the kitchen, spreading cat food on the counters, dishwasher and perhaps one Feline. 

 The good news is that the Bears are on national TV tonight so I get to watch that game.  The bad news is Bears are on national TV tonight and I get to watch them lose. 

Also woke up to learn Anne Rice died.  

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