Friday, January 14, 2022

First Post of the Year

 At the start of a new year, thousands of bloggers rediscover their dormant blogs and make a promise to start blogging again.  I'm the opposite. Every January I ask myself, is this the year I quietly end Mysteries of Life and not post anymore.  The answer is, as long as I have this space, I will continue to post from time to time because I can.  I enjoy writing and doing good or at least consistent writing takes practice.  Also, I love looking back at a post from years ago and remembering something I forgot.

So how is it going?  Well, I'm still working that contract gig.  I'm doing one repeatable task over and over.  There really shouldn't be any drama.  And yet, the Project Manager has come out of the Sanity Closet and gone into full-fledged lunatic mode.  I've bounced my thoughts against the other consultants and we agree that the PM has burnt through all the goodwill we have available and is just being annoying, oftentimes on purpose.  I will try to do a separate post about this because as I mentioned above, it's good to come back in a few months and see how far you've come.

My weight is gradually and consistently getting lower.  I'm at the 210 - 212 lb range this week.  When we can, NG and I take laps around our subdivision.  One lap is 1 mile if we start from the top of our driveway.  When we do two, we have to remember to add the climb up the driveway as well.  We are still on track with Dry January.  In February, I hope to go Mostly Meatless to see how that affects our weight, diet, and overall energy levels. 

$6K and they have only used it for 30 minutes

Some days are harder than others to get our laps in.  Yesterday we were expecting delivery of an Ultimate Playset.  We were told it would arrive at 11 am but they did not get here until 1:12 pm and it took 2.5 hours to put together so it wasn't quite ready when the kids got home from school.  It's mostly pre-assembled but the components have to be connected and it has to be leveled and a few more minor things.  Still much better than the two weeks my neighbor and I spent putting their much smaller playset together from scratch last year.  I will try to do a separate post on this one too, but for now every time I start writing about it, I get a little stabby.


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