Friday, January 14, 2022

Ultimate Playset Drama

Edit from the future:  I had sitting in my draft folder from a year ago.  I finally decided to publish as is instead of working it out.  I'm backdating this to the date I wrote it.

Yesterday we were expecting delivery of a Playset.  We were told it would arrive at 11 am but they did not get here until 1:12 pm and it took 2.5 hours to put together so it wasn't quite ready when the kids got home from school.  It's mostly pre-assembled but the components have to be connected and it has to be leveled and a few more minor things.  Still much better than the two weeks my neighbor and I spent putting their much smaller playset together from scratch last year.

The thing is, we ordered this kick-ass Ultimate Playset in early November.  They said 6-7 weeks which would have put the delivery date on Christmas Day.  I did not expect them to deliver on Christmas Day but I expected it either a couple days before or the week after.  Unfortunately, I waited until that week to call and it turns out, they didn't process our order.  I called the place we purchase from and the person who answered the phone apparently was driving and gave me the builder's number.  I called him and he told me that he just received the order.  I insisted that we ordered six weeks prior and he reluctantly confirmed and said he would try to get it out to us in two weeks.  Of course, by then the Mississippi Winter started and the weather was a factor.  No point in putting it on wet soggy ground.

We finally got a good week (this week) and there was still some gaslighting from the person who was supposed to deliver.  He called on Monday and we confirmed Wednesday.  When I called him he insisted I said Thursday.  There's no point in arguing so I said "okay make sure it's Thursday."  He still was a few hours late but we have it now and the kids can burn energy instead of being on their tablets all the time.

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