Sunday, February 26, 2023

Another Month bites the dust

There really isn't a lot to write home about these days.  I'm still job hunting but with all the tech layoffs saturating the market, I don't believe I'll find anything soon.  That job I really wanted that turned me down at the start of the year reposted the position about six weeks later.  Slightly different Job Description but essentially the same role.  There was no stronger candidate, if there were, they would have reached out to me.  

Here’s my job-hunting story that I have to share, least I just cry into the Abyss.    

For at least two jobs I interviewed last year,  I made it to the last round but wasn’t selected (one ghosted, one used the old “we are pursuing stronger candidates” response).  I did some LinkedIn sleuthing and found that in both cases, the last person to interview me left the company a month later.  They literally said “don’t hire this guy, oh, and here’s my 2-week notice!”

And yeah, I know that it’s likely they might have left later but fudged the LinkedIn timeline but it’s funnier this way.  I'm at the point where I need to pivot.  But, that will take time and perhaps money.  And I have to pick something that I can learn and is marketable.

At least my cats are cute

I don't have the exact numbers and am too lazy to try to figure them out, last year I believe I averaged over 9000 steps and there were 270 days where I was above the 10K threshold.  This comes to missing about 8 days a month and that jives with my missing days because of weather or kids being home from school.  Or the days we traveled somewhere and spent half the day in a car and the other half at a hotel pool.

In any event, 10K steps a day isn't going to decrease my weight.  I need to get some running in.  My knee doesn't hurt like it did a year ago so I'm going to see if I can incorporate a 1-mile run in every day or so.  The weather is getting warmer too so I can add biking.

My car is still working so I don't think the battery was beyond rechargeable.  

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