Sunday, June 20, 2010

MT: Week Two

This week was a lot better in terms of training because of two significant changes.  First, my work schedule lightened up enough for me to go back to my regular schedule most of the week.  This afforded me the second significant change: getting a run in before work first thing Monday morning.  SigOther and I got up early and went for a run which benefitted us both.

For her, it made Saturday's LR much easier.  For me, getting the extra easy run in gave me peace of mind, since I knew I would do speed work on Tuesday.  This meant that if I didn't have time to get the second Key run in during the week, all I had to do was try to get another easy run in and I'd be okay.  Fortunately, I was able to get the second Key Run in on Thursday evening -- in the heat -- so Monday's run was just bonus mileage.  I also made it to three of five exercise classes during the week, also on run days so I basically did three Two-a-Days.

That might have to change once the mileage gets higher because this old body cannot take as much abuse as it once did.  It's easy enough to do the exercise classes after the runs, but doing them beforehand takes some of the energy I have available for the Key Runs.

This week's LR was better too in an unexpected way.  Both my group leader partner and I were feeling sluggish when we started, probably because we are two fortysomethings who train intensely during the week.  So on the way out, we struggled to keep our 8:30 pace.  Our group didn't mind and as a reward, on the way back, everyone had more energy so they also didn't notice that we picked up the pace on the way back once our legs finally loosened up.

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