Monday, January 3, 2011

Trying to get off to a good start

Friday was of course NYE, a dubious holiday. What was once the celebration of new beginnings, new outlooks and new hope has now become the holiday of the couple. I guess that beats the holiday of the hookup, which Halloween has gladly become.

We went to SHB's party. We skipped last year because SigOther had to work late and I didn't feel like going through hoops to make it to a party just to see a bunch of people who blew ours off.  It was a small group which is perfectly fine. Everyone kept asking about our wedding planning and my knee. Even when I tried to change the subject, we ended up back on one of the two when someone new arrived.

On Saturday we went to another FOM (Friend of Mine) gathering to watch some college football. While in the North shore, we went to a few stores then came home and watched TV and re-adjusted our time clocks from the previous night. 

Sunday we went to church for the first time this year...and the first time in a long time. While I enjoy mass, I'm finding that I don't quite get the same experience out of it as I did when I first started going, or during the darker times in my life.   It probably didn't help that behind us sat this couple with two little girls who were making a lot of noise.  I believe the homily and the gospel were related to children but I don't recall because I couldn't hear it over their voices. I refrained from turning around because the parents don't need me doing that - they realize how loud the fruits of their loins were.  And hopefully that buys us some karma down the road when its our rugrats making the noise.

Sunday afternoon we went to a runner friend's place to watch the Bears-Packers game.  The idea was for me to bond with her husband but he was gone on an errand and didn't make it back until the game began.  At that point SigOther and the girls had come back so our manfest was nullified.

After that, as I expected, we ended up going over to SigOther's sister's place for dinner, although we were stuffed, so we mostly just had some wine.  I was glad we went over there because it gave me a chance to ask if  I could borrow a tool -- however Future Inlaw either didn't have it or couldn't find it so there is another trip to Sears in my future.

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