Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Little known Axioms of Life

The ATM Paradox: you have a random amount of money on your person say $26.  You’re meeting friends tonight and you’re not sure how much you might spend that evening.  If you don’t stop by an ATM, you will use up that $26 probably in the first hour.  However, if you take out additional funds, your entire cost for the evening will be under $25. 

Cororally One of the ATM Paradox:
If you are meeting up with friends who owe you money, say for the tickets to the event you are attending, if you stop at the ATM beforehand, your friends will pay you in cash. If you do not stop at the ATM, your friends will have checks written out for you.  Or bags of pennies.

Cororally Two of the ATM Paradox:
The more quickly you need to grab cash from an ATM (say your friends are waiting outside), the more likely the person in front of you will perform more banking tasks at the slowest pace possible.

Dropping someone off.  You can live on the most deserted, off the beaten path street where a passing car is rarely seen.  Except, when someone is dropping you off.  No sooner does your friend stop the car then a vehicle behind you starts honking its horn, bothered that you had the audacity to delay the driver from his path.  Even if your friend has the foresight to double park close to your side of the street, a car that is the size of a boat will want to pass.

Elevators.  If you get into an empty elevator, others will try to get in while the doors are closing, even though there are five or more elevator banks ready to go.  Also, each person will be on a different floor so that your trip takes even longer.

Escalators.  There’s always one person who refuses to walk up an escalator and they happen to be to the right of the other person who refuses to walk up an escalator.  

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