Sunday, December 15, 2013

May have spoken too soon

Last month, I said that it should be realistic to reach 700 miles for the year.  That was before the cold front set in.  This time of year, it's dark in the morning until its time for me to leave for work, it's dark at night when I leave work and it's cold, especially this week.  While I'm not particularly averse to running in the snow or the cold, it does mean that I do more of my running on the weekends and WFH days.  At last count, I've got about 30 miles to go and there will be a good week when I'm up in Michigan drinking at the Adama compound. 

Is it still achievable? Sure.  But it is going to require some treadmill work this coming week since forecast is for cold.   I'm working on the assumption that I will be lucky enough to get a couple of runs in up in Michigan while the little monkeys are playing on their iPads.

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