Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Strange Dreams from the Memory Graveyard

Something I might try to make someday
From The Break Room:  We have two kiosk areas on my floor at TopFive where employees can get coffee, tea or water and store their lunches.  We also have the copy machines here, so they get a reasonable amount of traffic throughout the day.  One is slightly larger than the other and thus gets more traffic of people wanting coffee, or heating up their lunches.

One time two ladies where in the center of the room having such an engrossing discussion that they couldn't be bothered to move to the side.  Everyone had to walk around them.  Another time two guys were so deep in conversation that they decided they must stand in the doorway so that you couldn't easily walk around them. 

I bring these up as random examples of people in Corporate America who just get so set in their way of doing something that they cannot break the pattern.  The other day someone was trying to reach me through our OWA and couldn't find me because they misspelled my last name.  My last name generally gets misspelled one way and it should be an intuitive step to try a different vowel but instead they just gave up and contacted their boss.  There really is no hope for the human race.

From the Memory Graveyard:  I had a dream like I have many times where I'm back at the law firm in my former life as a paralegal.  An attorney was mad at me because of a couple of petty crimes against their sovereignty.  First, the trial or deposition exhibits I was supposed to make over-sized copies of hadn't arrived yet.  In the dream it wasn't clear why this was but we found the exhibits so I can only assume from the Real Life experiences I lived through that there was some last minute change or unclear expectation.

The second issue was she was upset that I hadn't billed my time for the case matter yet.  She was of the opinion that had I done that, the first mistake would not have occurred.  I explained that our culture/system was such that time isn't due until the end of the month and it was only the 4th day of the month so far.

The dream resurrected a lot of past fears and tears from the memory graveyard. 

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