Sunday, December 21, 2014

Winter Solstice the longest night of the year

But not necessarily the darkest.  It has been a very long weekend and a very long autumn.There is much uncertainty as we move toward 2015.

At work  I literally have nothing to do.  I drive 22 miles in the AM for 35 minutes, Maybe I dial into a meeting or maybe there is a quick issue that someone else could do if they weren’t being lazy, but otherwise I’m pretty much sitting at my desk and twiddle my thumbs until lunch.  I use lunch to get away from the negative atmosphere and the boredom.  Then I spend the afternoon waiting to go home because I don’t dare leave early for looks.  I get to drive 22 miles for 90 minutes in awful bad traffic and get home just in time for The kids fussy “witching hour” to begin.

It wasn’t always this way but things have taken a dark turn at the office.  I’m positive I saw a Dementor the other day!  I am looking of course but changing jobs isn’t as easy as changing dry cleaners so for the mean time all I can do is keep on going through the motions.


  1. Oh goodness, I remember those days at my old job. I feel like my new job is slowly turning into that as well, but thankfully I have my new business to keep me busy and it gives me something to strive toward.

    Just keep plugging along. I'm sure it'll look up or you'll get a new job. My new job ended up being 10k more than my last, 15 minutes away, and a higher position!

  2. With any luck things will improve. and obviously I am better off than many who don't have jobs. It's just hard to sit all day without anything substantial to do. I do use the time to study up on things though so it isn't completely wasted time.


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