Tuesday, June 16, 2015

What to do with a wedding ring

 I wanted to flesh this out more before publishing, but I also want it out of my drafts folder.  I figure I can always expound on it later:

Once upon a time there was a land beyond the Lake that was populated by two tribes of people.  The first were the Rigardo, who believed that when you are married you wear your wedding ring all the time, rarely if ever taking it off.

The second tribe was the Inflexo.  They also believed in the sanctity of marriage.  They believed that the ring you wore was so sacred that yo would protect it at any costs.  If you were working in the field you should put the ring in your pocket or leave it in your locker drawer.

Obviously, the ring is a metaphor for some component of a Belief System and the two tribes represent opposing viewpoints of the My Way is the Only Right Way camps. 

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