Thursday, April 28, 2016

My New Atron Vision AVF240 Gaming Monitor

Ever since I bought my HP desktop and connected two monitors to it, I've had this issue where the monitor would crash if I loaded a YouTube video or other graphic intensive element that ate up CPU and didn't play nicely with the monitor drivers.

I tried troubleshooting it but the registry hack was unsuccessful and there were no driver updates available that would resolve it.

So naturally the only solution left was to buy a new monitor.  I waited until my financial situation improved and then bought a gaming monitor.

Atron Vision AVF240 24-Inch 144 Hz FHD Gaming Monitor with Built-in Speakers.

To be honest, it's okay.  It seems that you can only turn it on using the remote control which seems pointless.  


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  1. I can turn mind on from the back button to.

  2. Why mind has buttons on the back and i can overclock it to 195hz


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