Sunday, June 19, 2016

A grand investment

This month I put just about $1000 in home maintenance and upkeep.  I had to have the leaky garden faucet replaced on the side of the house.  This after just having the faucet in the back fixed the previous month.

Next we had a large infestation of ants that somehow found their way into our house.  We've had small amounts of ants before when we had cats because their food attracted the bravest of the eusocial insects.   This year The City finally removed the dead tree in front of our neighbor's house that housed multiple ant colonies.  I suspect it was Moose and Squirrel leaving food crumbs all over the place which invited the displaced ants

 So I grabbed an Angie's List deal and got a 1-Time Interior and Exterior Pest Control Treatment deal

Next up we had the opportunity to get our front porch stairs column repaired so we took it. 




Finally I upgraded our router and I'm counting that as home maintenance because so many devices throttled our internet bandwidth.

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