Friday, January 6, 2017

Catch up post for posterity

Winter cold and snow don't bother me much although I enjoyed them more as a kid than as an adult.
However, when the temps are as cold as they have been this week as low as 10 and as high as only 20, then it gets beyond annoying.  It's too cold to be outside for very long even if you are bundled up.  God forbid I have to do something outside like minor work on a car.

Winter is a series of milestones, like a drunk walking home, lurching from parking meter to lamppost. I’m already seeing pitchers-and-catchers-report numbers here and there. In one month, I’ll start noticing that the days are in fact growing longer. Then snowstorms will give way to freezing rain, then the first false hope of an early spring, then spring itself.  -- Nancy Nall

We caught a lucky break that the snow melted over Christmas break and hasn't returned...yet.  That may change next week.  My mom earned another trip to the hospital because she had pneumonia.  So she got to spend the holidays in the ICU and is not sitting with an oxygen tank in our home.

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