Tuesday, January 3, 2017

Rogue One Review

Over the holidays, Nightingale and I were able to break away from our kids and see Rogue One.  I did not hate Rogue One, but I have issues with it.  I knew enough about the plot and the ending from spoilers so I wasn't shocked or surprised.  I cannot really put my finger on what I didn't like though I agree with a lot of what she said here.

I think the biggest part that bothered me was the last 20 minutes.  We know they succeed in getting the plans, so did we really need to create drama with a giant claw machine picking out data tapes from a very big shelf that, oh what a surprise, gets jammed just as the correct file is accessed?

I would have been fine with them getting the file, perhaps still climbing to the top of the tower to broadcast and having a shoot out with Director K.  We didn't need the additional plot line of the rebels on the ground needing to create an uplink directly to the attacking fleet to let them know that an important transmission was coming.  This could have been re-directed into just buying Jyn and Cassian more time to finish their task.

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