Tuesday, February 14, 2017

Happy Valentine's Day and weekend review

The weekend came and went and there are a few things I wish I could take back but for the most part it went well.  We got up early on Saturday and dropped off our paperwork at the tax preparer.  With both our condos finally sold we hope to not only not have to pay taxes this year, but perhaps get some money back.

Then we headed off to Costco and I have to say, getting there at 9:30 when they first open is a huge difference from the normal time we usually arrive.  Fewer people means we can get through the store quicker before the kids have a meltdown.

When we got home we put the kids down for nap and then went to Kingston Reflexology for a couples massage.  That was basically our Valentine's Day present to one another.

We get all the Valentine's now

On Sunday a CN blogger friend came over and picked up our Bob Stroller.    We were gifted 3 double strollers and really only use one, so it was a relief to clear the garage space of this one.  I had visions of running races with the kids in it, but after two years we have never used it.  It is in rough shape but nothing a good cleaning couldn't fix.

On Sunday  I made the mistake of reaching out to someone I had essentially written off.  When I started my new job, I realized that I worked right across the street from an old friend from the No-Name Software Company.  I asked Hanna about meeting for lunch and we made plans.  Of course I had a conflict so I asked about rescheduling.

When someone cancels plans with someone else, I feel it is their duty to reschedule the event, within reason of course.  I made a few attempts but didn't pick the magical right day/time and figured this person wasn't interested in having lunch.  I gave up and moved on.

That was around June last year.  Flash forward to this weekend.  I sent Hanna a text that was a simple "hey has your account been hacked."   Apparently she has another new phone because she didn't recognize my number (side note: how fucking hard is it to transfer your contacts to a new phone in 2017?)  After talking for a few minutes she was  all "let's do lunch." 

While I thought, Fuck You, I said sure, sure, gotta run.  Which I think even the densest person in the world would interpret as please kindly find a short peer to walk off of and go fuck yourself. 

This person wasn't intentionally trying to be mean or inconsiderate.  They are a 8 or 9 on the Airhead ability in the D and D Game of Life. Which means they may not have got the point about aforementioned implied Fuck You, but somehow I think I have burned that bridge.

It took me a few days to process but what really bothers me is this person made more of an effort to find out who the mysterious texter was than to make plans for lunch last June.

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  1. Your kids are growing up so fast! I remember reading posts where they were still little little babies.

    I have the BOB stroller for ARM. I love it - though it's not double. I can't wait until the weather improves and all this snow melts because then I can run with her. She wasn't old enough to jog in it this past fall...she turned 6 months just as the first snow fell.

    And I have totally done that where I've reached out to someone and immediately regret it. But why did you reach out to her this past weekend to begin with? It sounded like it was done and done, so why open that can of worms again?

  2. I've heard some parents will invest in a double stroller because 1) with all the stuff you need to pack it helps to have a sidecar and 2) if you are planning #2 soon enough after #1, you'll need it anyway.

    I reached out because she sent me some links through FB-mail, which isn't like her and I wondered if she had been hacked. I was trying to do my good deed and if she kept her contacts updated it would have likely been a quick exchange.

    Maybe this was the Universe reminding me that we disconnected for a reason.


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