Tuesday, March 7, 2017

Weekends too short to deal with crappy issues

We had a pretty decent weekend with one Ongoing issue. The weather was nice enough on Sunday to let the kids outside to play for a little bit.  Because their slide and other toys were put away for the winter, they don't have much to do outside except play with rocks, which they actually prefer.

On Saturday we had Peapod delivered, had a long talk with SIL that we are visiting in a couple of weeks.  I got a rare call from work because our application wasn't working.  In the evening our Financial Advisor came over and went over our numbers.  According to his calculations we could potentially pay off the house 8 years early and retire when we are each 62.  This assumes everything stays status quo.

Ongoing issue.  My mom spends all her time at our house, ostensibly recovering from her sickness and helping with the kids, but really just enjoying our nicer home over her crap shack.  It was tolerable when she would leave us alone for the weekend but that is no longer the case.  She grates on my nerves and I can only hold back so long, then I snap at her for some stupid thing when I'm really pissed about the last 7, 8 or 9 other things she did to drive me crazy.  my mom doesn't understand the concept of personal space, privacy or alone time because she has an over abundance of these.

Saturday and Sundays are the only days we get to snuggle with our kids.  The rest of the week we are trying to get ready for work and get them ready for daycare.  Yesterdays she came upstairs because Boris had tripped and hurt himself and she wanted to make sure he was okay.  A normal healthy well adjusted person would pick up on the daggers I obviously was sending out and say "well I'll see you downstairs" but my mother just used it as an excuse to sit on the bed and join our family time. 

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