Wednesday, September 27, 2017

How a 5 minute difference cascades into an avalanche

Like many Wednesdays, Nightingale had to get to work early so I volunteered to take the kids to school.  I also opted to WFH because I have the next two day off work. 

Just as we were about to leave for school, Natasha had an accident and we had to change her close.  This delayed us by 5 long, excruciating minutes.  After dropping the kids at daycare I opted to forgo my before work run and take the minivan to the car wash that is 1.9 miles from the daycare.  When I finally arrived I was the only car at the place at the moment.  Score.

They always do a thorough job and I got out of there at exactly 8am.  However, because it is Cleaning Lady Day, and because I was too lazy to walk two extra blocks to the ATM last night (nevermind Nightingale forgot to hit the ATM in her building) I had to add this to my morning tasks.

Since I foolishly left the house without eating, I was making all the bad decisions because of low sugar.  Instead of just coming home, grabbing some food and then going out for a coffee and hitting the ATM, i tried to do it on the way home.  in more traffic.  while hungry.

So I get home and my mom is putting the house in order for Agna the Cleaning Lady.  She leaves exactly 10 minutes before my 10am call so i don't get to work on anything. 

Then during the call cleaning lady comes an hour early!  Because of course.  And the guy I hired through Angie's List, who canceled twice shows up to aerate my lawn.

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