Wednesday, September 27, 2017

How did I not know about this


It usually takes the better part of two hours to water our postage stamp sized city lawn.  Moving the sprinkler every 20 minutes.  I tried daisy chaining a couple of sprinkers and that sort of worked.  But then I remembered something and check Uncle Google and Aunt Amazon and found this:

Andrews 100-Foot 2 Tube Sprinkler Hose 10-12349

Andrews 2 Tube Sprinkler Hose

Product Description

Double tube construction with holes pierced on one side

Made of durable yet flexible vinyl, the two-tube sprinkler is easy to contour around garden beds and varied terrain. The end clip can be removed and reset, allowing you to adjust the hose length either permanently or temporarily. And, because the hose lies flat, you can point the holes up for a gentle spray or down for a slow soak. Guaranteed for five years.

I ordered a 30 footer and found that it worked well for the side of the house, where I usually get lazy because I don't want to keep my neighbor's sidewalk flooded.  Then I went back and ordered a 50 and 100 ft  hose.  I use the 100 ft out front and the 50 and 30 along the lengths of the South and North fences, respectively.  There is still some hose switching but it cuts my time down in half if I'm being efficient. 


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