Thursday, October 5, 2017

You cannot go back

so a couple of things are going on that I want to write down for historical value.  In no particular order....

So my high school reunion is this Saturday. I'm not going.  But its interesting that someone reached out to me yesterday via Facebook Messenger to find out if I was.  Interesting because the last time I had any interaction with this person was after our reunion in 2007. 

K was my high school biology lab partner and we use to have the deep discussions and talks that freshmen have.  And then I hardly ever saw her again because, high school.  When we reconnected in 2007 we hung out a little bit but again drifted apart.  I don't know if she thought I was interested and I was just looking for friendship but we didn't stay in touch.  I do recall sending an email or two that went completely unanswered (she's a texter) and even a FB messege, also unanswered.

So the old me would have looked at it as an opportunity to reconnect and be been oh hey let's get together.  The new and improved cynical me is like "nope".  I was cordial and friendly but not overly inviting.  She obviously knows how to get in touch with me when she needs/wants some information but didn't feel the need to stay in touch or return my messages over the years so bye bye Felicia.

Next up, I'm scanning and re-reading some old letters that I received from friends back in the 90s when people wrote snail mail.  It's bringing back a lot of forgotten memories and all the feels, as the kids say.  A lot of these friendships once meant the world to me and now I'm lucky if we acknowledge each other's life achievements on Facebook. 

 Furthermore, it is turning out to be a tough task scanning these letters.  For one thing, I must have a thousand of them.  Some of them are folded in such a way that the industrial scanner sometimes misses a line at the bottom and I just don't have the patience to try and scan them manually.  So I might end up missing a transition sentence here and there.  But honestly, if I haven't read them in 20 years, does it really matter?

Finally, the inlaws have been in town all week and Nightingale had to go to a conference that started today. She left Tuesday because her coworkers talked her into going early to do the touristy thing.  

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