Thursday, November 2, 2017

The best laid plans...

So today was supposed to be in the 60s.  I had hoped to put away the rest of the garden furniture and the Halloween decorations during breaks while WFH.  I also hoped to get a long, leisurely run in. 
Followed by organizing the attic a little better.

Unfortunately, it is raining but that isn't the kicker.  My kids are sick.  Boris woke up in the middle of the night and vomited.  A LOT.  It got on most of our bedding.  The kids already stayed home Wednesday because Boris allegedly had diarrhea on Tuesday.  We kept Natasha home as well because it was just easier than fighting to get her to school.

I say allegedly because they have a tendency to send one of our kids home every few weeks like clockwork.  One of the twins vomited.  Or has diarrhea.  Or a fever.  Or is leading the Toddler Rebellion demanding more cheese in the mac and cheese.   I sometimes think they just call to get the kid-to-teacher ratio down a bit.

I'm really lucky at this point in life to have a job where I can just decide to WFH without my drama.  At TopFive I would have been able to but I would have had to alert people.  Here at the new gig, I already work remote, so it doesn't matter if I'm at the Chicago office, my house or a Starbucks as long as there is wifi.

A job like this only comes once in a lifetime.  When I started out in Corporate America, WFH was not a thing.  Even if it were, the junior paralegal thing couldn't really be done at home because we mostly assembled files and redwells, bates stamped documents and got treated like shit by attorneys and other paralegals...hard to do all that remotely. 

A job like this only comes once in a lifetime.

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