Sunday, March 4, 2018

New garage door opener

A month or so ago our inner garage door opener started failing.   The last time I had maintenance on it I was warned it would happen.    They predicted it would happen soon so going more than six months turned out a small win for me.

We made the decision to replace both door openers so they would theoretically be on the same Life Cycle.  Plus that allowed me to get the latest bells and whistles.  The doors open from a single remote so no more having two different remotes in each car.  There is also a phone app that lets me check the status and also open or close them.  No more driving around the block because my inner voice says Dude the door isn't closed.  

The surprising feature is just how quiet these doors are.  The Craftsman we had on the alley door was fairly quiet already (the Genie not so much) but these Liftmasters are practically silent. 

The only downside is that I was told that I could only get a 3/4 HP opener if I wanted these features and was quoted a price.  What was installed was a 1/2 HP opener with the features at the same price.  Unfortunately I don't have the bandwidth or the chops to call and complain.

Also, the installer did a great job but he threw lots of stuff that could be recycled into my neighbor's garbage bins.  Not cool Robert's Garage Door Professionals.

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