Wednesday, October 2, 2019

A fun evening at the beach

a few weekends ago, we gathered the chillins and pack up our beach gear and headed from the lakefront.  The idea was to meet up with some old runner friends for a reunion of sorts.  The reunion didn't happen for various reasons but we kinda knew that going in.  That's' why we designed the trip as a make good on our promise to take the kids to the beach all summer instead of a catch up with people we haven't seen in ages thing.

The weather was perfect.  The beach was not too crowded but not empty.  There was even a party going on a 100 yards or so from us which provided some background music that blended well with the serenity of the evening.

The kids had a blast.  My only wish was that we left just as it was getting dark because it is hard to gather everything when there isn't enough light and the beach seems to convert to a single peoples' place after dark when families generally go home.

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