Monday, December 16, 2019

5 miles to go

With 15 days left in 2019, I have 5 miles left to go on my MPD running goal.  It's amazing since at one time I was at least 18 miles behind where I should have been for the given month.  Luckily I was able to chip away at it once the weather got cooler.

I have four more days to knock out those last five miles before we head South for the holidays.  And if I don't do it by then, I usually manage to get at least one run in down there, though I wanted a little cushion to allow for any mileage miscounts since switching from DailyMile to Strava.

Whether I do those last 5 miles or not, I consider this goal a success.  It was challenging especially when the trifecta of weather, work and motivation didn't always intersect.  There are days I just cannot get out to run. Sometimes I have other smaller projects I need to get done during the span of time that I have daylight and no kids in the way.

And now with having to pick up the kids at 2:45, I have to be sure everything is quiet on the work front.

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