Wednesday, September 9, 2020

Last Day of August

We decided to send our kids to Parochial school because I'm not cut out to do home schooling with the kids, and they just aren't cut out for online schooling.  It wasn't an easy decision.  Besides spending money, we are worried about the COVID-19 risk.   

First day of School

While we are in the Wear a Mask, Social Distance and Shelter at Home if Possible camp, we aren't as extreme as some people.  When I go for a run, I don't wear a mask because I figure it's easier to maneuver away from someone than to run in a mask.   History, please don't hate me.

In between job hunting, I've been using this time to work on projects around the house, both big and small.  It feels like every project or endeavor I started this month was not capable of completion, though through no fault of my own.  

I cracked a tooth, and the permanent crown won't be ready until Sept 8th.  I went to get a broken cabinet door replaced, and it will not arrive before Sept 11th if I am lucky.Even my guilty pleasure YA show The 100 is in hiatus until September 9th.  

I guess that's not entirely true since I did repair and replace some of the door stopper pads in the upstairs bedrooms.  Moose and Squirrel broke the one in the middle bedroom so I had to first patch it. 

It looks better once it dried

This particular wall is apparently original plaster so I had to do two waves.  The first was just putting enough patching compound to form a base.  Because there wasn't much to adhere to, it took longer for the quick dry compound to dry.  As luck would have it, I didn't have any styrofoam or other material I could squeeze in there (though ironically once this project was done, we got more Amazon packages).  

We never had one in the Master Bedroom presumable because adults are good at not slamming doors.  So I slapped one on there.  I also bought a spare for the back bedroom since it's only a matter of time before Moose and Squirrel break that one too.


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