Tuesday, September 29, 2020

September challenge

Seemed a good goal at the time: For the month of September, I decided I would do 10 pushups and one 1-minute plank each day.  I decided this on Sept 3 so I had some catching up to do.  I found that the first day or two were rusty, and it was never a milk run, but if I did them with consistency, it wasn't too hard.

  Of course I'd miss a day or two and then have to make them up.  I don't know why I decided making them up was something I needed to do, but I did.  If I skipped two days, like on the weekend for instance, I would make one missed set up each day.

For instance I skipped Friday, did Saturday's set thinking I was making up for Friday but didn't get around to the second set.  Skipped Sunday as well.  It was easier to count Saturday's for Friday and just say I'm two behind on Monday.  So I did Monday's set.  Wasn't feeling it so I waited until today to do 3 sets because we are running out of September.  

I'm not sure I will continue this in October.  


Bears are 51% pretenders 49% Contenders:  If I'm being honest, I am one of the more apologetic Bears fans out there.  But even I have had my doubts about this season.  First Detroit gifted us a win.  Then we barely held on to win against the Giants.  I really thought Atlanta was gonna slaughter us, or best case we'd get some garbage touchdowns late that would make the score look closer than the game really was.

I'm always curious to see what season this will be.  My first season as a Bears fan I saw them go 9-7 and miss the playoffs because of a loss to Atlanta.  I got to see that season again in 2008.  I really thought this was gonna be the repeat of 2002 when they won their first two games then tanked the rest of the season.  Or since we are in a global pandemic, we might do like 2001 and have a magical season that ends with a playoff loss to a more real team.  


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