Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Two Weddings, Two Communions, same God

We went to two wedding in one Saturday a couple weeks ago and I suppose I should say something about that. Because we made the effort, the first party sat us at their table as guests of honor, which I believe was quite classy, if rather unnecessary.
This photo is aligned right just like the groom's politics
This of course had the intended benefit of us staying a little longer than planned such that we got to the second ceremony just in time to receive our second communion of the day.

We were seated with Sabrina who was one of the few single women there so she got a lot of attention from a couple of the single guys. Never got the 411 on what happened though there was a FB post later that evening showing everyone having a good time.

While that picture was being taken, we were at the second reception, sitting with a group of the bride's coworkers. They were a nice friendly enough bunch to get through the evening with no expectation of long term bonding. The gentleman next to me was excited because he and his son had run the SF10 together. I mentioned that I had run it too but didn't share my results as that would have seemed like boasting.

The reception was at a golf club on the south side and it was a dated but elegant club. Couple two hired a live band from the Red Hat Piano Lounge and really wanted people to come out and dance so we obliged.

We made a short term friend at this wedding who was interesting to talk to although I cannot remember her name. I guess that term ended.

I should say something profound about these couples getting married relatively later in life than they had hoped.  Indeed, I'm all out of profound these days.. So how about this instead. 

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