Saturday, January 25, 2014

Been in Training Class all week

I'm in an ITIL training course trying to absorb some very complicated IT best practices concepts. 
 It's mostly been a game of Acronym Bingo.

The challenge is that a lot of the things we are discussing seem very similar.  Like the difference between Incident Management and Problem Management.  It's like taking an alien that hasn't seen earth fruit and instead of showing him a watermelon, apple and a banana, you show him an orange, a clementine and a tangerine and expect him to figure out the difference just on sight.

I did okay on the take home tests so I'm hoping with a little more luck I'll be able to pass the exam today.  The ironic thing is that we are at the same facility where I took an excellent course in communication back in 2011.  And our class is from 10-6 so I have been escaping the bad traffic that comes with in-limate weather in the Midwest.

Update:  I passed the test with a 70 %, which means I got 28 out of 40 if my math is correct.   For a class I was unable to spend a lot of time outside the classroom on, that's not bad.  

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