Thursday, January 2, 2014

First Post of 2014

View from the bedroom window
Well the weather outside is frightful, or at least too dangerous to drive to work in.  At least if you have other options.  While I'm never confident in my employment status in Corporate America, I am lucky to have a job that lets me WFH in conditions like today.

So I requested to work from home today after being away from the office since December 20th.  Given how much trouble I had just getting from my garage to the Jewel down the street, it appears to have been the correct call.

I'm not a big New Year's Resolution kind of person.  One of the few shining moments from my mid-twenties was the ongoing resolution to be in a better place each year.  Be it physically, mentally, emotionally, or spiritually (I'm not sure if there really is a distinction among some of those,but why not). 

So then resolutions in no particular order.

Effort to learn Polish:  I plan to use my Rosetta Stone software for 1 hour/lesson per day when I WFH.  I  bought the software in 2009 thinking I would use it to finally learn Polish.  It had a six month money back guarantee but I didn't execute the guarantee because it was my lack of effort that prevented me from learning the language of my ancestors.

Facebook Posting:  It occurred to me a couple weeks ago.  What if you made a post and then went about your day, only to end up....dead.  That post would be the last communication from you to your friends, acquaintances and/or whomever you connect with on Social Media.  So while I'll concede that it is probably impossible to always post meaningful, gracious posts, I do resolve to attempt to post each status update as if it were my last. 

Health Front:  Nightingale and I need to lose some weight.  Therefore we are going to reduce/diminish our biggest source of calories: alcohol.  We need to drink less and workout more.  I did manage to run 702 miles last year which works out to about 60 miles a month.   It should be reasonable to do the same thing this year, perhaps increasing the mileage ever so slightly.

Run another Marathon:  So I really would like to run another marathon this year for no better reason than it's about time that I increment Number_of_Marathons from 22 to 23.  I'm just uncertain how the knees will hold up and if I can make the time to adequately train. I'd only want to run one if I had a reasonable chance of doing well instead of the run/walk I did for Detroit.

I'd also like it to be a marathon I haven't done before and somewhere that would be a nice vacation destination for Nightingale and perhaps others.  But some of my runner friends are considering races we've done before so those are on the table too.

That is just a F-ton of snow

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