Monday, February 3, 2014

Upcoming Projects for the New Year and not so new house

We have a few  project for the house in 2014.  I don't recall if I posted last year's Pantry Pipe Shelf Project but it's worth a look at. 

First up we are finally addressing the hallway coat hanger issue.  It's my best guess that the half bath under the stairs use to be a hallway closet back in the day.  We like it as a half bath of course.  But that does beg the question: where do we put our coats and our guest coats in the winter?

I talked to a carpenter about creating some custom storage like this.  Unfortunately, he wants $2K to do it, mostly for labor.  I'm not saying that isn't a fair price nor have I really had the bandwidth to seek out other professionals to find out if they can do it for as much or less.  Instead we are going to use an Ikea hack as a stopgap solution. If we like it, it only costs about $300 and if we don't, we only spent $300 and can hopefully recover by using the bookcase in another room, selling at garage sale or gifting to some family member.  

Second, I want to buy a Smart TV once I finally pay off that flood.  And to do so means I need to figure out a way to get a stable internet connection to the first floor.  Our wireless is decent but I suspect it won't always be so strong especially with all the devices.  Right now I have it on a sort of zone system.   The attic with the cable modem is connected to the router in my office on the second floor.  I have a WiFi repeater in the kitchen which gives us a strong enough signal on the back deck, in the basement and throughout the first floor.  It actually seems to reach the front porch as well.  I also have a Powerline Adapter that connects the Roku to the router, essentially establishing a hard wired connection as far as the Roku is concerned.

The previous owner did drill some small holes in the corner rounds so that he could run speaker cable between the basement and the living room.  I can run an Ethernet cable through this.  However, this still creates the challenge of getting a hard wired CAT-5 cable from the router without drilling a hole in my ceiling.  I'm still investigating this but one solution might be to move the cable modem and router to either the basement or the first floor. 

And Third...well there isn't a 3rd yet but it's only a matter of time. Something will come up.

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