Monday, September 22, 2014

The calm before the C-section

So Nightingale is going in for her C-Section today.  Boris had a little issue with fluid and his kidney and as a precaution we are taking them out a week early.  [in case it isn't obvious, I wrote this post and scheduled it! I'm not actually writing while my wife is getting cut open.]

Today would be Week 37 so we are going one week early.   While it probably isn't a big deal, everyone is erring on the side of caution and getting them out of there rather than stretch this out a week.  Nightingale is slightly relieved to not have to wobble around for another week given all the difficulties she's had walking, sleeping or even trying to find a comfortable position to sit in these last couple of weeks.

Well this is opening night on an act that started rehearsal 9 months ago and we have been waiting for all year.  While you're never ready, you wish for as much time as possible and the extra week might have been better spent working on last minute items.  On the other hand, Nightingale and I are chronic procrastinators so we probably would have just put off everything we got accomplished this weekend to next weekend anyway.

I know I should write something about the miracle of birth and bringing two new lifeforms into the world.  But I'm not really there yet.  I will say that this weekend has kinda sorta felt like marathon weekends in that I know tomorrow is the big day and I will probably wake up every hour on the hour, look at my alarm clock and realize that I still have a few more hours to go before I need to get up.  And then everything changes.

In the meantime, my biggest challenge will be decimating the information to the many friends and relatives who have subtly and not so subtly asked that their first communication about Boris and Natasha not be through Facebook.  To that I have to say: we'll see.  The only thing I will say now is that I plan to do what is easiest for me and I won't get into the pecking order trap of having to inform certain people before other people. 

On a side note, K&J who were 10 days behind us in pregnancy, had their twins last week, 9 days before us.  Here's a little bit I wrote about that. 

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