Friday, September 12, 2014

whats for lunch

Nancy Nall writes:

Lunch and I are growing apart. Why eat lunch, anyway? To get out of the office, sure, but food wise, it’s just a big load of calories sitting in your stomach just when you need to get four more hours of work done. Today we moseyed down the block to a taco takeout joint, and I ordered the vegan naked burrito — the fillings without the tortilla. I thought it would be light and digestible, but I forgot about the red onions. Erg. An afternoon of dragon breath hardly seems worth it when you can just have a huge breakfast and do a Balance bar or something around 1 or 2 p.m. Bookend the day with calories but skip lunch, or go super-light.

I know many people like to skip lunch and eat at their desk so that they increase the chances of getting out of work on time.  I just cannot live that way. 

I use to skip breakfast so lunch was a requirement.  And getting away from everything for an hour was also important.  ditto not eating lunch at my desk so as not to create terrible smells that might offend co-workers.

Photo Credit: Dr Drea

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