Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Winterizing the house for winter

Like any household, our 100+ year old house requires some prep work for the winter and we learned the hard way last year that you shouldn't put it off.  Last year I foolishly thought I could wait until Thanksgiving weekend to do stuff with the help of my FIL

Alas November proved too cold to really work on things so this year I vowed to get the deck furniture -- which we have even more of now -- put away early.   Unfortunately with the arrival of moose and squirrel, it's been a challenge finding the time. 
The Goose unfortunately will not return

Ideally, this window is during daylight hours when the weather is warm but not too hot and definitely not raining.

Unfortunately EVERYTIME I had a window like that, we found we were without extra hands to free me up. One weekend the weather was supposed to be great on Saturday but instead the good weather shifted to Sunday, when SIL had to leave.

I was starting to get pissy because it seemed like a giant conspiracy on behalf of the Universe.

Thankfully, this last weekend Nightingale got so sick of me bitching about it that she allowed me to call my mom to come help for a few hours on her "day off".  I was able to get the leaves raked and mulched (with my new blower/mulcher from Woot.com) and all the deck furniture put away.  There's still some trivial stuff to do and I fully expect another round or two of leaves to bag up.  But I got the important stuff completed.

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