Wednesday, January 6, 2016

Painters not movers

Speaking of mattresses, here is the only picture I can find of our first mattress.  Before moving the majority of our furniture in this house, we had it professionally painted.  We had a few boxes, some smaller furniture and of course this king sized mattress and box springs had already been delivered.

Some people might sleep this way

What you see pictured is how the painters put the bed back in the bedroom after painting it.  I get that they are painters and not movers.  But how back breaking of a task can it be to put the box springs down first and then lay the mattress on top of it like it was? 

These painters did a few other little things that annoyed us like not remove the light switch covers before painting the walls and they got a little paint on a door knob here and there.  Nothing devastating but enough that I wouldn't hire them again or recommend them to anyone.

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